Bed Head

In the midst of global and political chaos, I have to admit, I’m quietly excited. Not – of course – because an egomanical misogynistic neo-Nazi has won the US election. I am not a nutter. Something more domestic is quietly exciting me. Tonight, tonight (can you hear the excitement?) I will be staying in a hotel room. … [Read more…]

Party Girls

Before EldestGirl’s first birthday, we planned meticulously. We had a garden party, complete with soft play equipment, bouncy castle and age-appropriate bouncers. We had a buffet. Which I catered myself. I researched, practised in a dummy run a week before and executed a Hungry Caterpillar cake. We had about thirty people and babies around to our … [Read more…]

Age of Consent

Much like the Man from Delmonte, today’s task was to say “yes” to as many of EldestGirl’s requests as possible. We do sometimes seem to butt heads (snigger, buttheads) occasionally on the days when she’s home from nursery, as I attempt to cajole / bribe / enforce things I would like her to do (reading, … [Read more…]