1. Barbara Nunn

    Haha. Loved the Nurse! and by the way Auntie Betty (91 now) likes reading your blog on Facebook .

  2. Wow, 120 pounds??? That’s like a million Australian dollars. Yes, you’re right, chicken pox is a standard jab covered by Medicare here and daycare centres have a “no jab, no play” policy – unless you can prove a medical reason why your kids can’t be vaccinated, they can’t attend . . . and they are about to bring it into schools as well. Which I’m totally okay with.

  3. Yeah – most jabs are free here (the MMR, meningitis etc.) but if the NHS don’t add it to the vaccination schedule, you’re on your own. It’s a lot of money, but childcare is so expensive that a missed week of nursery owning to illness means that I’d rather pay for the pox vaccine.

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