1. Aargh!! I feel your pain! I advertised one of my daughter’s summer dresses on our local fb buy, sell , swop site a good 3 months ago and a friend of a friend said straight away that he daughter wanted it. She was going to collect it but got too busy, then she went away, then we went away, then she finally ( after a gentle reminder) said that she’d pick it up this week but she didn’t! I’ve not long had a message from her to inform me that her daughter does not think that she will wear it next summer ( yes, because you took that f-ing long, it is no longer summer!) I was only asking for £5 but it’s the principle that has me really pee’d off!!

  2. I know, it’s so frustrating. The thing that wound me up the most was the attitude of people replying, as if I was doing them a massive favour by giving them something for free!

    I think in future I’m just going to take stuff to the charity shop and I can get a similar glow from being helpful, without having to deal with fuckwits.

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