Age of Consent

Much like the Man from Delmonte, today’s task was to say “yes” to as many of EldestGirl’s requests as possible. We do sometimes seem to butt heads (snigger, buttheads) occasionally on the days when she’s home from nursery, as I attempt to cajole / bribe / enforce things I would like her to do (reading, maths, handwriting) and she stipulates the only activities that are acceptable to her (endless My Little Pony cartoons, and YouTube Kids).

So today I wListas going to say “yes”. However, I am not a fucking idiot, so yesterday evening, before bed, we made a list together of all the things we were going to do. Alarmingly this included “karaoke” in the number one spot. Still, we agreed on some maths and reading in there too, and I even managed to sneak in “supermarket”. (In case you’re worried about my handwriting, she drew the numbers 4, 5 and 6 herself. We also agreed on meals for the day, as this is also often a sticking point. There is too much pasta on here for a balanced diet. Don’t judge me.

So, at 8.05 this morning, we found ourselves belting out “Bob the Builder” on the karaoke machine, watched from her Jumperoo by a bemused YoungestGirl. After “Bob the Builder” EldestGirl insisted on “the ting ting tang” song, which turned out to be “Witch Doctor” by the Cartoons. She knew none of the words, but merrily shouted “TING TANG WALLABY BANG” into the microphone. At 8.10 she exclaimed, “Done! We can tick it off the list!” It was going to be a long day.

This post would be a lot funnier if the day was a complete disaster – if she’d had a meltdown over her asparagus, or insisted we went rollerblading or something. But actually we had a really good day together. YoungestGirl pootled around and was happy to join in with a bit of spontaneous after-lunch trampolining, insomuch as an 11-month can. (Hint: involves being bounced on your face by your big sister – but YoungestGirl seemed to enjoy it, so I didn’t intervene.)

Originally EldestGirl had agreed to a supermarket trip only on the condition that I buy her a toy. I said no, no way, no chance, not ever. But as it turned out, Aldi were selling Mister Maker activity packs for 99p, so I caved in, bought it for her, and a craft activity filled another slot in the afternoon, making a giraffe picture, as suggested by he-who-holds-stocks-in-googly-eyes.

We didn’t quite get round to making the pumpkin pie, but we did make the pastry, with the promise of the rest of the pie happening at the weekend.

Perhaps today’s success was attributable not so much to saying “yes” to what EldestGirl demanded, but in agreeing beforehand what we both wanted to do. EldestGirl, a bit like her mother perhaps, is a big fan of lists and achieving things, so perhaps it appealed to the anal retentive in both of us. We also tried to have a balance of some chill-out time (Toy Story and popcorn) whilst YoungestGirl was asleep, so I could get on with some work too.

In other news, YoungestGirl decided to throw up right down my bra for the second day in a row. Today’s was especially skillful as I was wearing two layers. Tomorrow – waterproofs.


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