1. I fully feel you on this. I was made redundant earlier this year after 11 years and although I both expected and wanted it to happen and walked straight into a new job (in a similar related industry as much as I had thought I wanted a complete change) there was still a feeling of loss and disappointment and taking it personally. Hope your next steps are more aligned to what you want to be doing!

    • Thank you! How is the new role working out?

      I guess the circumstances dictate a lot of our feelings: I was made redundant after being on maternity leave, and before that, sick leave, so hadn’t actually been in the office for quite a long time, so I had had a long time to get used to the feeling of not being there. But a definite sense of identity shift, and I don’t think I will ever be happy introducing myself as a “stay at home parent”, for reasons I can’t really explain.

      L x

  2. Hey Laura,

    Loved the post and it resonates with me too also having just been made redundant from RBS, unsurprisingly what they continue to hire contractors to to the same role. . . . Ho hum.

    I’m looking on the upside of all this as there’s certainly is an opportunity to reinvent yourself with the knowledge you’ve also stashed some cash in the bank too as your exit the building for the last time.

    Good luck for the future and there’s always standup comedy to fall back on.

    • RBS seem to be having a real cull at the moment, from friends I’ve spoken to who are still there.

      Hope you find something that sparks joy for you. In the meantime, if I ever decide I need to starve, a return to stand-up could be on the books!

      L x

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