We have a glut of celebrations all shoved into the same part of the year:

  • September is EldestGirl’s birthday
  • October is my birthday
  • November is YoungestGirl’s birthday
  • December is Christmas
  • January is TheBloke (TM)’s birthday
  • February is Valentine’s Day
  • March is our wedding anniversary, plus Mothers’ Day.

It makes sense to mothball a few of them, because frankly we don’t like each other all that much. We sacked off Valentine’s Day ages ago, and we don’t normally do much for our anniversary either any more, since the embarrassing “leather anniversary” where TheBloke (TM) thoughtfully bought me a leather-bound volume of my favourite poetry, and I bought him a gimp mask.

So next up… Mothers’ Day.

I’m not a primadonna. I don’t have expectations of flowers, six course meals or a spa day to myself. But I did just catch TheBloke (TM) google “shit mothers day gifts”.

I’m a lucky lady. And, completely coincidentally, his gift for the “iron” wedding anniversary may be┬ádelivered in the form of an actual iron, hitting him while he sleeps.


  1. Barbara Nunn

    Haha! But I notice you left my birthday off this list (x February just in case you forget next year even though I must admit you haven’t forgotten before).
    And dad’s is x September.
    And Jack’s is x December
    Get it right

    • I edited your comment so you didn’t publish the entire family’s birthdates on a public platform, Mrs Nunn!

      Want to tell everyone your maiden name while you’re at it, and maybe we can all have a crack at my online banking details? :o)


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