1. RSN

    Happy Days! The problem with all those self-help books is that they assume a norm. There is no norm. And behaviour constantly changes…

  2. Cj5

    This has really made me smile. I was told ‘I really SHOULD do Gina ford and follow it precisely and then you will get into a routine’. You have confirmed I am doing the right thing by not following a book and that my days sound very similar!!
    Ps – found you following the link from the tipsy and Dim thread

    • To give her her due (very grudgingly) I do believe in a routine for babies – but until they’re at least six months old, they’re just tiny little bastards who have no concept of anything other than what they want and how to scream for it.

      It’s tough days – it does get better. Repeat to yourself, “The days are long and the years are short” and then swig Amaretto neat from the bottle. I should write a parenting manual.

      L x

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