Guest Post: On having children

Today I am excited to bring you my first ever guest post on the blog. Take it away, sir.


I never wanted to have children. I just never saw them as part of my life. I saw them as something that would interfere with the things I loved most in my life (great food, sleeping, more great food). In fact, I knew I couldn’t have kids. An operation I had as a child rendered me completely infertile, and it was never something I thought about before. I was happy as a bachelor – nice home, nice life.

When friends’ kids came over, I’d make myself scarce. Noisy little things – I preferred to be elsewhere. I’d find a reason to leave the house for a bit. Not everyone likes kids. Not everyone should have to.

Then – completely unexpectedly – a baby came into my world. Small, loud and smelly, she turned the house upside down. She couldn’t do much in those early days. But she absolutely did disrupt my sleep! It wasn’t long before she was crawling after me, burying her face in me to blow raspberries, toddling into the garden with me, and lying down next to me for a nap. I guess she grew on me.

Then – equally unexpectedly, a second baby arrived! Once again, she grew quickly and followed me everywhere, trying to kiss me. Your heart does melt a little when that happens. Much to her mother’s dismay, it was me that was her very first word! That clever girl.

So no, I didn’t want kids. But we have two of them now, and they’re part of the family. Yes, they sometimes stand on my tail, or stroke my ears too roughly, but I wouldn’t be without them. EldestGirl and YoungestGirl are mine.

Monty Cat (guest blogger)

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