1. Barbara Nunn

    What did you say to her in reply? Probably nothing was best-she sounds like an ignorant pig who would have complained to the Store Manager that YOU were abusing HER. Guess where that story would have ended up? Yep…’Daily Mail’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. BN

    Ignoring the shellfish remark-shudder-

    the good deed stands alone-it was a good deed,what happened afterwards is a separate issue.

    I have usually found Aldi staff to be really helpful – at one time they paid well above the average for retail wages as the staff had to memorise the prices of all goods they stocked as they did not have bar scanners-this required skill was a filter I think.

    • I agree, Aldi staff are normally fine. I suspect he may have been temporary Christmas staff, or possibly didn’t know what she was asking for and was too busy to take the time to find out.f

      L x

  3. Nice Kate

    You did the right thing. Helping someone who has different views to you isn’t wrong. So no need to do anything else for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

    • But… hypothetically, helping someone who has different views to you could be wrong… e.g. distributing fascist leaflets or clicking through on the Daily Mail website, increasing their profits.

      I worry I reinforced her prejudices by proving the “foreign” worker wrong…

      Still, I will take your free pass for further good deeds, because frankly I can’t be arsed.

      L x

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