1. Barbara Nunn

    Haha! Poor Santa.
    About that tree-send the photo to Ikea (isn’t that where you bought it?)
    It looks like a health and safety advert and must have been a fire risk too?

    • I think unfortunately that most trees do drop their needles. Had I made a fuss and taken it back in the first few days, I could probably have got a new tree, but I couldn’t be bothered to take all the decorations off and drive for 30 minutes just to go through it all again!

      L x

  2. Elaine

    Vary funny Nunn the Wiser.
    We call our Cliona Eldest Child ( well Steve does) -the other two are ‘The Boy’ and ‘Squg’ -the nick names have stuck with them into their 20’s!
    I think you can buy a real tree which has been treated so it doesn’t drop its needles. The first real tree we bought ended up bare and ragged too. The following year we found out that treated trees existed. Glad all is well and never under estimate the stress of potty training … she’s doing well bless her (and you) xx

    • Thank you! Whether I can convince TheBloke (TM) that we should get a real tree for next year too remains to be seen. I might just sneak off and buy one like I did this year. But I will definitely be looking for a non-drop one next year!

      L x

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