1. RSN

    When you list it all it makes you realise just how much you have both achieved. Personally, I feel tired just reading about it…!

  2. Nicky Reed

    I am at homeuntil end of March and G is a stay at home Dad. After only 4 weeks I already can’t imagine how new Mums stay sane when Dad only gets 2 weeks paternity leave x

    • I know – it’s crazy. TheBloke (TM) took 4 months off when YoungestGirl was born, and without that, there is no way at all I would have got to grips with breastfeeding, if I had needed to look after EldestGirl too.

      Hope you’re all well.

      L x

    • Barbara Nunn

      My colleague and I would frequently comment that we came to work for a rest. No tantrums. No sulks. Time for a chat with another adult without interruptions.

  3. Marc

    When I took my 2 weeks paternity leave, I came back to a bullying charge because i was not there….

    Despite the fact that I logged into work every night during those 2 weeks and did a couple of hours work to help out.

    • That’s crazy and makes no sense at all – paternity leave is just that – leave. Presumably the baby wasn’t a surprise… surely they should have had plans in place to cover for you? Sorry you went through that.

      L x

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