1. David Gollancz

    You can have the sash provided I can have one for “fete worse than death” when I was chair of my pta in the early years of the counter reformation. But you can have my undying, albeit meaningless, adoration for the non-split infinitive in “fully going to realise”which Is gloriously inauthentic but, well, glorious,

    • Well, thank you. I hope you similarly enjoyed “to run successfully”.

      I did consider “A Fete Worse than Death” as a title but thought it might seem a bit disparaging of everyone’s hard work and not reflective of the event itself! So we can share the sash.

      L x

  2. RSN

    Good to see the contrast between the Corporate and the ‘real’ world. Glad to see the rigour around the infinitives!

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