Hurty Finger Syndrome

I’m the first to admit I’m a hypochondriac. Not a lives-at-the-doctor’s-surgery, eating-as-many-pills-as-I-can-find hypochondriac, but usually have something a bit wrong. I am a big fan of Googling symptoms, and feeling smug when I get myself a diagnosis without even having to trouble the GP. Usually just the diagnosis itself is enough to stop me dwelling on it, and I can move on to my next symptom.

This afternoon, whilst driving, I noticed my finger was a bit sore. I combed through memories of the morning trying to thinhurty fingerk if I could remember trapping it, but I really didn’t think I had. When I stopped the car and took a look at it, I noticed a massive purple bruise (which obviously made it hurt a lot more, almost immediately). Well, clearly this was leukaemia. Off I rushed to Doctor Google.

After Googling “bruised finger but haven’t hurt it”, I came up with a diagnosis. Well, it’s a new one on me. Something called Achenbach Syndrome. A very odd self-limiting condition (self-limiting means, I think, it will get better by itself), where one of your fingers, usually one of the middle ones, develops a massive bruise for no reason. Nobody knows why.

Still, not leukaemia, so I’ll live to type another day, even if it’s a bit hurty.


  1. Barbara

    It’s usually because you have moved something and put pressure on a part of your finger which is fleshy and not bony. I often do this moving a piece of furniture with a hard wooden edge for example.

    • Maybe, it’s weird that there is a syndrome that basically just means “bruised finger for no reason”! It feels much better today, so I might have to move on to a new ailment.

      L x

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