Ladies who brunch

For those of you who were worried about my hurty finger, I’m pleased to tell you it has greatly improved today. I do have a small paper cut, but I’m going to try not to go on about it.

Yesterday I met my friend Mel for coffee in a local town. EldestGirl was at nursery, so it was just me, YoungestGirl and Mel and her baby. We had brunch. We drank still warm drinks. We even had cake. BUT, YoungestGirl demanded I conveyor-belted rice cakes into her mouth until my eggs Benedict arrived. Then she ate the vast majority of my eggs Benedict. Then she demanded I continue with the rice cake conveyor belt until the cake arrived. Then she ate most of my cake, at which point she decided to slip through the highchair (I’m a lot slacker about clipping them in, second time around) and dangled comically with her head stuck in the leg slots.

Once we freed her, she went back to eating cake.

I left earlier than I would have liked, in the hope that YoungestGirl would not sleep in the car, and would have her nap once we got home. The tiny idiot spitefully fell asleep before I’d even got out of the car park. And of course refused a nap once we got home.

It was a really lovely brunch, but Mel and I both agreed – maternity leave would be much, much better if children weren’t around to spoil it.